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Learn about Eye Allergies with Dr Jason Holtom

Hi everybody. It's Dr. Jason Holtom from The Eyes Studio.

I want to talk to you about allergies and that's a really timely topic. Given the spring time people are coming in and having a lot of symptoms. And so we're going to answer some questions for some patients, and hopefully you can learn a little bit more about allergies.

I guess. First of all, analogy is really a body.

The body's way of over responding to something called an allergen (that) can cause a chemical reaction.

That's where we get these, these symptoms.

And so, it can affect places in your eyes, your ears, your nose, and throat and sinuses, as well as your stomach, your chest and your skin.

And that's why people come in.

They might have runny itchy noses, they might have some breathing issues.

Might get some red rashes on your skin or a little lumps called hives.

And that's why in my world, people come in with red itchy and watery eyes.