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How do you treat eye allergies? Learn some DIY tricks to avoid allergies!

So what kind of treatment do we have for this condition? Well, enough doom and gloom.

We've got some really great options for managing allergic conjunctivitis.

And the first thing I say is try to avoid the allergen.

So if you're going to be going outside, check the pollen count, and if it's too high, then maybe try a different activity.

If you're going to be doing some cleaning or sweeping a great time to wear a mask for help prevent those issues.

And as well, if it's a really windy day, then maybe just keep the windows closed on.

Number two, besides avoidance is try to keep everything clean and fresh.

So if you're a contact lens wear, this might mean if you aren't already wearing daily disposables, maybe you switch for this season.

The great thing about daily disposals, it allows you to change lenses every day, have a fresh, clean lens.

There's no buildup of any allergen. It also helps with dryness as well. b

Also that goes to going to bed as your hair is a really big source of traps all these allergens.

So if you can rinse or wash your hair, it's a great thing.

Changing your clothes. So don't wear the same clothes to bed that you were during the daytime.

And I know, there's a period of my life where we had four kids under the age of seven where you just fall into bed, but if you can avoid that fantastic.

If you're in that season, I feel for you.

But also making sure we change our bedding. So changing the clothes, uh, the bedsheets and your pillowcases as well, watch your humidity.

If you're in a dry part, a dry room then, and then out of humidifier, this just helps your nose and your eyes to do their job.

But vice versa, if it's too, too moist, then get a dehumidifier.

This helps to prevent any mold from growing.

Then lastly, if we need to, there's awesome drops.

We can use nowadays, here at the clinic, we like to use preservative free drops for our sensitive patients.

They come in a regular bottle. The old days of having these little twist off tabs are gone.

So some really good preservative free options, that helps to rinse out any allergens.

But if that's not enough, there were some really great allergy drops we can prescribe for you.

In the old days, I'd have to prescribe them weeks in advance and if use them weeks through things, and it was kind of annoying.

Now, the allergy drops are such that it's a daily thing.

So if today's an itchy red watery day, we put a drop in and if not, we don't have to worry about it.

And then lastly, we can use oral allergy medications, over the counter are prescribed.

Especially if you're having some nasal or chest issues that works really well.

I tend not to have it be my go-to simply because a lot of the side effects can actually dry the eyes out and we want to avoid that.

So guys, thanks for listening. This has been Dr. Jason Holtom from The Eye Studio talking about allergies.