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What can you do to treat / cure a blocked tear duct?

Okay. So what could be done for a blocked tear duct?

Well, because infant skin is so sensitive, we have to be really gentle. So I suggest using a cotton ball or a cotton swab, or even a baby washcloth.

Ringing or soaking under some warm water. Make sure you test the water to make sure it's not too hot.

And especially if the area is really crusted, we're going to, with a closed eye, kind of soak it on the eye and just to kind of loosen the debris and we're going to gently wipe away. As we wipe away, all this stuff is going to come with it.

Once the area is clean, this is actually the most important step is the massage. And there's been many studies over my lifetime of practicing telling us what the best form of massage is. They used to talk about little circular massage and pulling those don't work. This is the best technique. What we do is you're going to place your finger next to the side of your nose. You're going to feel a little tube and your child knows we're going to just roll down with some firm pressure down the side of the nose.

And we're going to do that five times.

Why does that work? Well, think of it this way. We talked about there being a clog in the drain. And so we have to use pressure to, to release that clog. So we're going to do that five times, three times a day. Don't do it 15 times at once. Space it out to the daytime.

We know what works best that way and going to keep doing this until it resolves. While it's healing, while it resolves, we might need to get your child on antibiotics if there's a really bad infection or lots of discharge. We can do it either drop or ointment, but also studies tell us that breast milk, if you're nursing breast milk has some great anti-microbial properties. And so a squirt of breast milk in the eye will also be helpful.

Now, if your child's that small percentage of kids that actually don't get better during the massage, well, we have to refer them off to a pediatric specialist to take a look and see if surgery is needed. Any questions as always, please give us a call and contact us. And parents don't stress about it. Lots of things go wrong. This is not one of those things. Just give us a call and you guys got your hands full with other things to worry about.